Combi Spreader CS-200

Combi Spreader CS-200 for Timan 3330

Combined disc spreader and drop spreader

Your winter maintenance has never been more comfortable. With the unique Combi spreader CS 200 from Timan, you control everything from the cabin.

“​Made for great results. Designed for work enjoyment.”

What you get:

  • Combined disc spreader and drop spreader
  • Adjust spread rate from the cabin
  • Change from disc spreader to drop spreader from the cabin
  • Spreading width 1 to 6 meters
  • Stop/Go – function
  • Capacity of a maximum of 225 kg

2-in-1 Spreader

Timan’s Combi Spreader CS-200 is a truly multitasker spreader, designed to be easy to operate and to save you the hassle of carrying an extra machine. The Timans CS-200 is a combined drop spreader and disc spreader which the operator easily can switch between without getting out of the machine. From the cab, you can choose between the drop spreader and disc spreader and freely adjust the spread rate. So you only need to leave the cabin when the spreader needs to be refilled with new material.

A salt spreader that improves working conditions

With a Timan Combi Spreader, you’ll find that winter service becomes a little more pleasant, as most of your work is now done directly from the cabin. Via the control panel of the machine, you can control the spreading rate and spreading width of the CS-200. You can therefore efficiently spread the material from pavements to road and on to the car park without any hassle.

When you work with the salt spreader as a drop spreader, it places the material under the tool at a width of 1 metre, which means that the material is not thrown to the sides when you turn corners. This prevents salt from being thrown onto green areas and also avoids wasting the material – benefiting both the environment and your economy.

The spreader can hold up to 150 litres but by using the tipping trough you can increase the capacity to approximately 250 litres. The Combi Spreader also has the following features:

  • Stop/Go-feature: the spreader stops and starts again automatically if you have stopped at for example a traffic light (comes as standard on the Timan 3330)
  • A spreading width from 1 to 6 metres
  • ​A multitasker that allows you to save time and money on transporting an extra machine
  • A maximum load kapacity of 225 kg

An investment in your business and your employees

With the Combi Spreader, you get a tool that is particularly easy to operate, that lightens the workload during the hard, cold winter months and that protects both the environment and your finances.

You can find video instructions on how to use and maintain your machine on our website, so you can get to know your machine quickly and easily.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the machine or if you would like a demonstration of its features.

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