Rotary Mower

Rotary Mower 1350 for Timan 3330

This powerful lawn mower with a heart-shaped blade cover and a cutting width of 1350 mm gives a fast and efficient mowing

“Made for great results. Designed for work enjoyment.”

What you get:

  • Heart-shaped blade cover
  • Ensures an even spreading of the grass
  • Quick change of attachments
  • Improved work environment

Easy to mow close to tree trunks, lampposts and poles

The design of the lawn mower also makes it possible to mow under bushes and benches.

The lawn mower has a rear grass discharge which ensures an even spreading of the cut grass so the lawn is left nice and tidy without large lumps of grass.

The Gator blades ensure a beautiful mowing result even on moist and very high grass.

Rapid changeover by using the tool carrier’s tool locking device.

The hydraulic hoses are fitted and the cutting height of the blades can be adjusted as needed. In addition, cleaning is easy by tilting the blade cover so the user is free of uncomfortable working postures.

Easy operation with the joystick in the cabin.

  • The Timan 3330 rotary mower can cut to within close proximity around trees, poles, lampposts and similar.
  • ​The Timan 3330 rotary mower is equipped with three blades that are positioned so that the unit produces a high quality cut.
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