Remote controlled brush cutter

RC-751 – Remote Controlled Slope Mower

​Your strong partner when it comes to cutting tall grass or small bushes on steep areas

Avoid work injuries and experience a better work environment while at a safe distance and do your job just as effortlessly as the machine.

Good work requires proper working conditions.

What you get:​

  • Most compact slope mower on the market
  • Works without difficulty on slopes up to 50 degrees
  • Better and safer work environment
  • Easy and safe operation
  • Carries out the work of 4 people
  • Danish design and quality
  • Easily transportable

You get an efficient and powerful slope mower

Timan RC-751 excels with its low height, to be self-propelled and by driving on tracks. It is remote controlled and equipped with a flail mower that cuts down even tall plants. The machine does the difficult work with ease.

Timan RC-751 can easily cut down one to two year old hogweeds, small bushes and basal shoots. With a height of 60 cm, the RC-751 can work under the majority of trees, where you want to remove basal shoots and other growth. RC-751 is equipped with a professional approved remote control with an integrated emergency stop button and other safety functions.

Timan RC-751 slope mower is the strong partner, when it comes to mowing on slopes up to 50 degrees and places difficult to access. With its 750 mm working width, the remote controlled mower can work in most places and its low center of gravity makes it incredibly stable – even during difficult conditions.

A remote-controlled flail mower provides increased safety

The out-front cut means that the grass is cut in front of the tracks, which allows RC-751 to mow close along with walls and edges and the grass is not run over by the tracks. With its 345 kg, the RC-751 is easily transported on a trailer or pickup.

The tracks are suspended independently of each other allowing 4 points of ground contact at all times. This makes it easier to control the machine, because it moves steadily and simultaneously has a good hold of the surface, even if it is irregular.

With support from The Fund for Better Working Environment and Labour Retention, Timan A/S has made a study of the work environment when using remote controlled technology on a slope mower/brush cutter.​

​The result is a report that clarifies the work environmental aspects/effects of using a handheld brush cutter and a remote controlled brush cutter.

The report is devised on the basis of four companies using the handheld brush cutter and later, the remote controlled brush cutter. In total, 30 and 19 persons have participated in the study that is completed during nine months.

The report concludes concludes that significant work environmental improvements can be obtained by using remote controlled technology when working with a brush cutter, and the remote controlled technology is easily taught

The physical load is reduced from the back and shoulders contemporary with obtaining quantitative advantages.

  • ​Protect back, hips and ankles – and get four man’s work done
  • ​Better and safe work environment = less sickness absence
  • ​Ideal for working under district heating pipes, solar cell panels, by storm water reservoirs, traffic islands and other difficult to reach areas
  • ​A reliable investment in a safe work environment
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