Hydraulic Sweeper

RC-1000 Hydraulic Sweeper

Safe winter clearing on narrow and steep paths

​Small and steep paths can be dangerous to walk on in winter weather. With the hydraulic brush attached on the RC-1000, the paths are easily cleared of snow – in safe distance.

“Experience complete control in every situation. Regardless of season and terrain.”

​What you get:​

  • Useable for all seasons
  • Easy and safe operation
  • Better and safer work environment
  • Save time and transport of an extra machine
  • Quick change of attachments

Efficient cleaning and tool change

If you have worked with root grinding or mowing near paved areas, grass and wood chips are quickly and easily cleaned of with the brush, and the work area is leaved with a nice and clean look.

The transport of an extra machine is spared, as the RC-1000 can change from a mower to a stump grinder to a hydraulic brush in a moment.

  • Saves time and transport of an extra machine
  • ​Leaves the area in a clean state
  • ​Easy change of attachments
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