Tornado T2

Street Sweeper Tornado T2 – Timan 3330

The most efficient and environmentally friendly system in its class

Timan presents a unique EU patented sweep suction system; Tornado T2. You get the most efficient and environmentally friendly system in its class, mimicking the suction power of the tornado and combining this with the mighty forces of. Welcome to a better working experience.

“​Made for great results. Designed for work enjoyment.”

What you get:

  • Exceptionally high suction power
  • Technology patented in the EU
  • Water recirculation
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Lowest noise level on the market
  • Low operating costs
  • 7 m wander hose
  • High-pressure cleaner
  • Danish design and quality
  • Safe and user-friendly
  • Easy change of attachments​

Experience a unique sweeping capacity

This powerful sweeper can be used most of the year for outdoor cleaning of pavements, narrow paths in parks and larger areas such as roads and car parks.

​We’ve combined two of nature’s strongest forces in our sweeper technology, and the result is a truly unique sweeping capacity. The well-known tornado effect combined with the forces of water provides an exceptionally high suction power, making our sweeper more efficient than ever before.
By adding water to the sweep suction system, it is now even easier to pick up the material: the water helps to move the material and keep the suction hose clean, so that there is always maximum airflow in the suction hose. All this – combined with our EU patented technology – guarantees unprecedented efficiency and collection. You’ll get a compact sweeper in a class of its own.

Reduce costs every time you drive

With a Timan sweeping system, you are assured of noticeably low operating costs. The suction nozzle for Tornado T2 is so durable that we offer a 30-month warranty against wear. In addition, our suction box contains no rotating wear parts or filter brushes. This means less maintenance and no shutdown.
Of course, the low fuel consumption also means that you save money every time you start the machine without having to compromise on suction power.
Thanks to the more powerful suction, you can run at a high sweeping speed, covering more m2 per hour. We know from our PM10/2.5 test that the Tornado T2 picks up an average of 92.7% of the material – an exceptionally good result.

​Environmentally friendly street sweeper

We have built a street sweeper that is environmentally friendly to use in every way. The petrol-powered machine complies with all EU Stage V emission standards, and therefore emits fewer NOx gases. The sweeper has been awarded a 4-star PM10/2.5 diploma, which is top marks. This means that the minimum of dust particles are emitted from the machine, providing the cleanest air possible in the area of where you are working.

Even though our street sweeper now comes with water, you don’t have to worry about refilling all the time. We run on recirculated water, meaning we reuse the water from the sweeper over and over again. Should you be driving in very dry conditions that drain the water in the hopper, you can add extra water from the water tank to the hopper from the comfort of the cab. This can be done while driving so you do not have to leave the cab to refill.
The addition of water to our sweeping system has reduced our low petrol consumption even further. So, you get the lowest fuel consumption in its class with a super-efficient sweeper system.

Street Sweeper developed with the operator in mind

Proper work requires proper working conditions, and that’s exactly what you get with Timan 3330 the best tool carrier on the market. Our special focus on comfort and low noise levels make it extremely comfortable for you to operate.

We know that long working hours with noisy machines and poor posture can be hard and lead to injuries. That’s why we’ve chosen to focus on user comfort, so that it’s a good experience both during and after using our machines. We guarantee the most comfortable machine in its class with a low noise level in the cabin. We offer Danish design and quality, and focus on a safe and user-friendly work experience. Timan 3330 is made for good results and designed for great job satisfaction for you and your employees.

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