Pallet Forks

Pallet Forks – Timan Tool-Trac 5740

With the pallet forks, various difficult materials are handled with ease

They are available in two different lengths.

“​For more than 15 years, we have designed and developed machines with a deep understanding of the driver’s job satisfaction and tasks.”

What you get:​

  • Your extended arm for most tasks of handling materials
  • They meet every need for loading and unloading
  • Great for removing unmanageable roots from the ground
  • Improved work environment
  • Lifting height up to 2,5 m

They meet every need for loading and unloading

The pallet forks are constructed, so immense strength and low net weight are united resulting in great capacity.

If you have a pallet that weighs as much as 550 kg which needs to be moved, well, your Tool-Trac handles the job for you.

If you need help clearing up, then a Tool-Trac with pallet forks is a great help. It can handle the majority of tasks with its 900 kg lifting capacity on the quick-shift and 550 kg 600 mm on the end of the pallet forks.

The pallet forks can be used for removing unmanageable roots from the earth​.

​A lifting height at up to 2,5 m makes it possible to transport a pallet with stones up on to a scaffold.

A Tool-Trac with pallet forks is also a big help when moving flagstones or paving stones.

By avoiding heavy manual lifting, the work environment is kept in focus.

The pallet forks are useful for landscape gardeners, contractors, housing associations, stock farms and many others.​

  • Handles any lifting task
  • ​Easily moves difficult objects like big stones, logs, big-bags and other heavy objects.
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