Weed Brush

Weed Brush – Timan Tool-Trac 5740

Efficient and eco-friendly cleaning of all paved areas

No use of chemicals and hereby a sustainable form of controlling weed.

“For more than 15 years, we have designed and developed machines with a deep understanding of the driver’s job satisfaction and tasks.”

What you get:​

  • Weed removal in an environmentally sound manner
  • Effective weed removal
  • Avoid hard manual labor
  • Brush cover prevents ejections of stone, soil and weeds

Weed Brush

You can get around on pathways with a Tool-Trac, where other bigger machines cannot and therefore is replaced with manual labor. Rather than using pesticides or to treat the weeds with a gas burner which is harmful for the environment, the weed brush is a more efficient method than the others.

It is also ideal in places, where a gas burner can pose a fire risk. The adjustable brush cover prevents ejections of stone, soil and weed.

The weed brush is highly usable for the municipal sector and other service sectors. It is outstanding from an economical and environmental perspective in removing of weed on pathways, cycle lains, street, and parking places.

  • Keeps the weeds down in an environmental way
  • ​Robust construction
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