Rotary Mower

RC-1000 Rotary Mower

Flawless mowing on steep slopes

RC-1000 with a rotary mower leaves the grass cut with a nice finish – even on slopes on up to 50 degrees.

“Experience complete control in every situation. Regardless of season and terrain.”

What you get:

  • Gives the grass cut a nice finish
  • Covers large areas in no time
  • Works without difficulty on slopes up to 50 degrees
  • Easy and safe operation
  • Quick change of attachments

Efficient mowing with a rotary mower

After the grass is cut by the Gator knives, it is thrown up into the partly closed shield of the mower with the help of the centrifugal force, and on its way down again the grass is cut again into smaller pieces that are blown back into the lawn.

​With a mowing width on 1350 mm, you get a high capacity as well as an impressive mowing outcome

This method has several obvious advantages.

​The small pieces of grass will quickly decay and give nourishment, so you do not need to fertilize.

The rotary mower makes it possible to cut the grass with a nice outcome on areas that normally are impassable with traditional lawn mowers.

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