Rotary Mower 13-1800

Rotary Mower 13-1800 Timan Tool-Trac

Robust rotary mowers

Robust rotary mowers for mowing all kinds of different grass areas if you want a good-looking result. Different mowing task is solved with three different models.

“​For more than 15 years, we have designed and developed machines with a deep understanding of the driver’s job satisfaction and tasks.”

What you get:

  • Great distribution of the material
  • Does not leave lumps on the lawn
  • Gets easily around obstacles like trees and bushes
  • Opportunity for rebuilding to mulch mowing

Good tool against obstacles

It is an advantage to use a narrower mower, if there are lots of obstacles like trees, bushes and flower beds. This makes it easier to get around the obstacles.

When you need to have your mower cleaned or sharpened the blades, the mower can be lifted to the wanted height with the multi-arm for easy access.

If the lawn is mowed regularly and you want an even nicer finish, all the blades can be rebuild into bio-mowers with a mulching-kit. With the mulching-kit the grass is cut in very small pieces that disappears into the lawn and fertilizes it naturally.

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