Remote controlled tool carrier​

RC-1000 – Remote controlled tool carrier​

​​​Discover the full-hydraulic tool carrier of the future, designed to be a safer, more efficient and easy-to-use alternative to the handheld brush cutters

The RC-1000’s versatility and reliability makes it the best choice for both regular and demanding terrain in all seasons

Experience complete control in every situation. Regardless of season and terrain.

What you get:

  • Works without difficulty on slopes up to 50 degrees
  • Better and safer work environment
  • Easy and safe operation
  • Wide attachment program
  • Reliable in all seasons
  • Quick change of attachments
  • Easily transportable
  • Danish design and quality

The best working conditions produce the best results

The tracks are mounted independently which guarantees a high stability even on steep slopes, as the RC-1000 always has 4 points of contact on surface.

RC-1000 works easy and safe on hard to reach places such as traffic islands, under district heating pipes, around storm water reservoirs, under solar cell panels and on highway slopes.

Long grass, smaller bushes and hogweed are easily handled with the flail mower on areas, where it poses a risk to use a regular mower.

RC-1000 works close to fences and other obstacles, as the mower mows in front of the tracks and does not run over uncut grass,
If you want a nicer finish on your grass, you can switch to the rotary mower in just a couple of minutes.

​The RC-1000 is developed in close cooperation with professional users. It ensures the best working conditions and enables them to deliver the best result. Every time.

With its low height and low center of gravity the Timan RC-1000 handles mowing, stump grinding and snow clearing on slopes on up to 50 degrees without a problem.

RC-1000 is an all-year machine, as it can be equipped with snow clearing tools such as hydraulic snow sweeper, v-blade or dozer blade and remove snow on steep and icy paths during the winter.

RC-1000 is the optimal alternative for handheld tools, if you want to avoid injuries of your back, hips and ankles. It also creates a good and safe work environment.

RC-1000 is a safe and cost-effective investment, as it handles the work of several men.

With the stump grinder, the stumps are easily and efficiently removed on steep highway slopes, where it is usually hard to reach with other equipment.

With a working width on up to 1350 mm (rotary mower) and a 23 HP engine, the RC-1000 handles the work on both big and difficult to reach areas. RC-1000 is the most compact of its class of remote controlled tool carrier which makes it capable of working unhindered on very narrow and impassable places. The engine lies in the chassis so that the compact dimensions are kept, and even the most narrow places can be worked.

Now with a complete program of equipment:

  • Flail mower
  • ​Rotary mower
  • ​Stump grinder
  • ​Hydraulic sweeper
  • ​V-blade
  • Snow Thrower
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