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June 2023

A new milestone has been reached

Timan has today finalised the company’s largest order to date. A total of seven Timan 3330 with sweeping/suction units are on their way to Kosovo. The order was placed by our new importer from Kosovo, ProfiTech.

​Burim Vrajolli from ProfiTech has spent a few days at the factory in connection with the delivery of the machines. Burim Vrajolli from ProfiTech has spent a few days at the factory in connection with the delivery of the machines and has been extremely well prepared to handle the import of Timan machines to Kosovo.

We thank them for the great order and look forward to a strong co-operation.

November 2022

Four-star upgrade

Our sweeping/suction system, the Tornado 400, has undergone a major update in both design and function. The upgraded system naturally also had to be PM10/2.5 tested. The results were unmistakable; top marks with four stars and an unprecedented pick-up rate of over 90%. So we’ve developed a solid sweep/suction system that both has high suction power and emits a minimum of micro-particles.

The Tornado 400 sweep/suction system has been part of the Timan product range since 2008. The system is available for our Tool-Trac, and can also be connected to mini loaders etc.

May 2022

New and innovative sweeping/suction system based on the forces of nature

After a long time of development, we are finally ready with the uniqe Tornado T2 sweeping system for Timan 3330. The system combines two of nature’s most powerful forces; wind and water.

We have added water to our EU patented Tornado system and the result is an extraordinary sweeping capacity. Watch the video to find out how the technology works.​

December 2021

Fourth hall ready to be a part of Timan

After months of preparation, we can finally start production of the Timan 3330 in the new hall. Due to increased demand for Timan 3330 in particular, we have expanded production with an additional hall to meet customer needs. It is with great pleasure and humility that we are now ready with the fourth hall – especially considering we started 16 years ago in a small garage in the village of Svingel.

October 2021

Nice visit from our new dealer in Bulgaria

Our new dealer at Multitechnik took the long trip from Bulgaria to Tim to visit the factory and get a thorough insight into our machine room. Over three days, we reviewed everything from the company’s history and production facilities to the new Timan 3330 and our future visions.

We thank Multitechnik for a constructive visit.

September 2021

New Combi Spreder CS-200 now also available for tractors

Finally it is possible to connect the unique salt spreader, Timan CS-200, to your tractor. The capacity has been increased compared to the Timan 3330-model, and the same smart features still apply to the tractor model: switching between disc spreader and drop spreader, adjusting the spreading width from 1 metre up to 6 metres, and adjusting the spreading rate – all directly from the driver’s seat.

We’ve also produced a series of instructional videos for the tool, so you quickly feel at ease with the machine.

August 2021

Finally we were able to participate at ‘Have & Landskab’ again

After a long Corona break, we finally had the opportunity to meet our customers and partners in more festive circumstances.

We had three excellent days in Slagelse at Maskinmarken, where we met a lot of great people for a chat about Timan. It was a great experience and we are already looking forward to the next event.

November 2020

Tornado T1 Sweeping/Suction system for Timan 3330 gets top marks in Germany

Earlier this year we went to Germany to have a PM 10 / 2.5 test of our sweeping/suction system.

The result of the test was very satisfying, where we ended up getting a 4-star rating – top grade in the class.

In short, the purpose of such a test is to examine how many microparticles the sweeping/suction system blows out of the rear end.

October 2020

New Timan 3330. Better for the environment and better for the operator

The comfort of the machine is absolutely exceptional, where you will experience the lowest noise level on the market and the most comfortable cabin. The tool carrier runs on petrol and thus emits far fewer Nox gases than its predecessor. As always, you can use the tool carrier all year round thanks to the wide selection of attachments.

September 2020

New Tool-Trac 5740 ready to meet the world

The new tool carrier with integrated lifting arm, Tool-Trac 5740, is ready to face the world and the performance and environmental demands expected of a flexible machine today.

Against the previous 45 horsepower, there are now 57 in the engine compartment, and the transport speed has been increased to 40 km/h.​

​The diesel engine has been replaced with a petrol engine that complies with the EU’s Stage V emission standards, so a greener footprint is left in everyday life.

February 2020

A new project at Timan begins with a great player by our side

It is with great pleasure and pride that we can announce the the EU has chosen to provide financial support for an upcoming project here at Timan. The project is called ’A new generation of dry and quite street sweepers’.

The goal of the project is to meet the needs of the future and the environmental requirements that we all should live up to.

When the project is complete, we will be able to present a product which is also sustainable on a social scale – an improved product for both environment and work environment. It is a huge pat on the back and we see it as a recognition of our hard work.

With these financial resources at our disposal Timan can realize the plans of the future and hopefully lift our entire company.​

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 886369.

January 2020

New production hall is put into operation

The new production hall is ready for use and we are really looking forward to getting more space – 2.100 m2. In here, we will manufacture our RCs and we expect to get a generally better production flow.

January 2020

With the new combi spreader, your winter service has never been easier

Timan will soon present a special combination of a disc spreader and a drop spreader. From the operator’s seat you control whether you want to spread or drop the salt/sand when you are working. We look very much forward to presenting the finished product to you. Keep an eye on our Facebook, Youtube and

1. november 2019

200 units of RC-1000 are now sold

Time for RC cake. Today we mark the sale of RC-1000 no. 200 which since its birth in 2014 has been a faithful part of our close family. Although everyone has made a huge effort to reach the milestone there should nevertheless be a special thanks to the great development work that Henning and Vagn have been responsible for and the solid and efficient assembly that Troels always guarantees. We look forward to delivering the next 200 machines to our customers!

30. august 2019

Have & Landskab 2019 was once again a success

Again this year ‘Have & Landskab’ was a really good experience where we got to talk to a lot of people and informed them what Timan can offer. We would like to thank the many people who made their way to our exhibition booth and we are already looking forward to next years ‘Maskiner under Broen’.

20. may 2019

New Weed Brush for Timan 3400

We welcome a new attachment in our Timan 3400-family. The rotating brush removes weeds effectively without the use of pesticides and other environmentally harmfull materials. You get a tool with many applications. Choose freely between working on the left or the right side of the machine, freely choose between the direction of rotation, adjust the speed rotation, adjust the pressure on the brush, choose between different brush types. Watch the video of the weed brush in action here..

19. march 2019

Budget 2019 reached ahead of time

We are happy in Timan today. The budget revenue has already been reached and therefore we celebrate with Danish “smørrebrød” for everyone who has made this possible. However, we do not slow and continue to work hard.

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