Stump Grinder

RC-1000 Stump Grinder

Problem-free mowing and snow removal

A stump can be a big annoyance when mowing or clearing snow, and it can damage your mower. With a stump grinder attached to the RC-1000, you get rid of the stumps once and for all – even on hard to reach places.

“​Experience complete control in every situation. Regardless of season and terrain.”

​What you get:

  • Easy and safe operation
  • You are at a safe distance from flying wood chips
  • Works without difficulty on slopes up to 50 degrees
  • Handles a stump with a 620 mm diameter and a height of 230 mm
  • Quick change of attachments

Effective stump removal

Tall grass and weeds can hide a tree stump and surprise when mowing grass which can damage the machinery. By removing them, you can increase the mowing speed in areas, where you usually are cautious.

When you have removed your tree stumps, you save time on mowing in the years to come.

The traditional way of digging up a stump is a time-consuming process, and there is a risk of damaging buried cables, and it leaves a big hole, where the stump was.

The stump grinder grinds 180 mm under the ground and does not leaves heavy stumps that should be removed. The ground around the stump remains untouched.

With the stump grinder attached on RC-1000, the stumps are easily and efficient removed on highway slopes among other things, where it is usually difficult to get around with other equipment.

  • Minimize the risk of damaging your mowing equipment
  • ​Avoid back breaking manual digging
  • ​The operator is at a safe distance from flying wood chips
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