Bucket with Steel Edge

Bucket with Steel Edge Tool Trac

With functionality in focus

With functionality in focus, you will get a robust shovel which is usable for many purposes. It comes in three different sizes.

“For more than 15 years, we have designed and developed machines with a deep understanding of the driver’s job satisfaction and tasks.”

What you get:​

  • Versatile tool for earthwork, transporting, leveling and moving snow
  • Quick and easy transportation of heavy materials
  • Comes in three different sizes
  • Lifting height up to 2,5 m

Precision work is easily accomplished, as you can see where and what the edge of the bucket is doing.

Greater precision on the work with the machine means fewer working hours with a hand shovel afterwards, and you save time.

The bucket is especially suitable for moving material over obstacles as hedges because it gets an impressive unloading height when attached to the Tool-Trac.
With the 450 L bucket you have an ideal tool with great capacity, when snow, wood chips or other light materials must be moved.

The 200 L and 235 L buckets can be attached with a hydraulic grab when moving branches and other materials with a big volume, so you can get a bigger utilization of the tool.

The many opportunities make the bucket very usable for landscape gardeners, contractors, housing associations, cemeteries among others.

  • Quick and easy transport of heavy materials
  • ​High unloading height
  • ​Can be combined with a grab
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